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skullznbunniez style bundles!

$38.00 - $250.00

skullznbunniez style bundles are now a thing! we have chosen from our most popular style themes for you to select from. FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS!

choose between these popular themes in the "notes and instructions" box at checkout!

• clean girl (color palette example: first pic)
• ballerina fairy (color palette example: second pic)
• rockstar girlfriend (color palette example: third pic)
• shaken espresso (color palette example: fourth pic)

the pictures offer you examples of the color palette of the skullznbunniez style box you will receive!

you may select style bundles with varying number of included items from the drop down box. choose the last option for a surprise amount of items - this may contain designer clothing and/or vintage Levi's.

please note any ISO's (in search of's) in the "notes and instructions" box at checkout! ISO's are NOT guaranteed! these style boxes are offered to provide a GREAT price on beautiful vintage clothing that is a SURPRISE to you!

also include your sizing for your order in the "notes and instructions" box at checkout. EXAMPLE: I am a size medium in most tops but a size large for most bottoms. I prefer tight fitting clothing for my tops and looser clothing for my pants or skirts. my bust measures 38" and my waist measures 32".

please check your email and/or DM's on instagram if you purchase a style bundle. I may be contacting you for more info on your sizing if needed!

skullznbunniez style bundles will be shipped within 4-12 days as always with FREE US shipping.

all items will be high quality vintage clothing in excellent or perfect condition.


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